Lesson #7: Ten Romantic Gestures on a Budget


“I am a romantic guy”

Okay, this one is for the fellas! I – the hopeful romantic in the room – refuse to believe or accept that chivalry is dead. There are still many women out there, like myself, who treasure romantic guys who aren’t too proud to fall head over heels in love and show it in the most creative (or even typical) of ways. If you’ve ever been given grief about not being “romantic enough”, don’t fret… don’t get upset… don’t run. Just check out this article. This one’s for you!

Lesson #7: Ten Romantic Gestures on a Budget

It happens in every relationship. We face rocky terrain, or the livelihood just begins to, well… run dry. When things get either rocky or dry in a relationship, a surprise romantic gesture can be just the remedy to get things back on track. Is she feeling uneasy about where the relationship is headed? Are you two recovering from a rough period? Or maybe things are just down right awesome! No matter the situation, finding special ways to show her your love can break the monotony and bring the two of you even closer. Most women still appreciate romance and will melt into little chocolate drops of passion if you do something a little different from time to time to show her how special she is to you. And guess what, fellas? You don’t have to take a huge hit in the pocket to make it happen. Go ahead- replace one of those TV nights on the couch with a few of these romantic ideas and see if she’s not smiling from ear to ear by the end of the day. You may even get a few happy tears. 🙂

1. Meet her with a single rose at dinner.

Simple, but elegant. This says, “You mean something to me, and this evening with you is not just any evening. It’s special and I want you to remember it.” It doesn’t matter what kind of restaurant you’ve chosen. It’s the gesture. If the two of you are meeting there, arrive before she does and place it on her chair. If the two of you are riding together, present it to her at the door.

2. Place her cheeks in your hands and kiss her tenderly.

There is just something about your gentle hands on her face that sends chills up and down the spine. Ten times more intimate than a kiss on the cheek or a peck on the lips, gently cupping her cheeks with your hands says “I cherish you in all of your beauty.” Try it! And don’t forget to look into her eyes. Now, there’s a gesture that is truly priceless.

3. Set up a picnic with wine in the park or at the beach.

Pick a park, any park- preferably one with a beautiful, peaceful setting. The very fact that you have planned something for the two of you will win you her gratefulness. Pack up some great food, perhaps a game, and your favorite bottle of wine (or two) and get ready to just relax. A couple of tips: be sure to check that the park doesn’t restrict alcohol if you bring wine; and try going just before sunset on the night of a full moon. That way you get the best of both worlds- a beautiful evening and the beautiful night sky.

4. If a getaway is out of the question, plan a “stay-cation” at a hotel in your own town. Decorate the room with roses, candles and wine.

I know this sounds like an expensive one, but it really doesn’t have to be. Take advantage of some great last-minute hotel deals on websites like Hotwire.com or Hotels.com, where you can easily find a four-star hotel for $45-$50 per night. Then go to a site like Groupon.comLivingSocial.comHalfOffDepot.com, or Restaurant.com to find a great deal on dinner at a great restaurant, and voila! You’ve got yourself a reasonably priced romantic getaway!

5. Go to a movie or jazz in the park event downtown with a basket of food you prepared yourself.

These events are totally free. Spice it up with your own little touch by packing a basket of goodies. You may even want to sneak in a little love note on a napkin with three simple words, like “I love you” or “You are beautiful.” Kick back with the love of your life, relax and enjoy!

6. Write down the lyrics to a song that you dedicate to her.

These days with all of those lyric websites, this is incredibly easy to do. But instead of doing an electronic copy and paste, take the time to hand write the lyrics and present them to her on beautifully designed stationery. It’ll take a little effort, but it’ll be well worth it.

7. Go house shopping together in your dream neighborhood, role-playing as serious buyers.

Who doesn’t love a fun role-playing experience? If you are pretty sure that this is the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with, pretend to be a married or engaged couple and go to the coolest neighborhood you know and start dreaming together. This one, fellas, isn’t for the faint of heart! You’ve got to be serious about this girl to pull this one off.

8. Cook your best meal for dinner and slow dance with her afterwards.

If you’re not a natural-born chef, this may take a little practice, but it’s truly the gesture and not just how the food tastes that will win you points (though, great-tasting food is always a plus). Just be sure that she isn’t allergic to what you are preparing. For an extra touch, try something unique like making fortune cookies from scratch with a different enclosed message for her in each cookie.

And don’t forget the slow dance! Slow dancing takes us hopeful romantics back to those high school days when we used to dream that prince charming would come along and sweep us off our feet. Well, you always have the opportunity to be that prince charming. So after dinner, dim those lights, turn on those slow jams and start sweeping us away!

9. Mail her a greeting card that expresses exactly how you feel.

Corny? Maybe, but there is nothing more touching than a perfectly crafted set of words that express to her exactly how you feel. Be sure to add your own personal touch to the card by underlining words or phrases that are especially significant and adding some special words of your own. For a unique touch, include a photo of the two of you with a hand-written note and date on the back.

10. When she is nervous or afraid, comfort her.

All relationships experience some ups and downs. In those dreaded down times, what she needs most is your strength, love and support – and your romance! Envelop her in your arms and kiss her face to ease her fears (even and especially if her fear is about the relationship). Don’t underestimate your comforting power. You have the capacity within you to offer her security through your own sense of confidence and assurance. When it comes to love and relationships, fear is natural. Even among the most confident and secure of individuals, both parties are putting their hearts on the line, and that can be scary. But, guys, if you take the lead and show her that she is safe with you, you will be amazed at how far such a gesture, added with a physical touch (a kiss, a bear hug, a brush from hand to cheek), can go. If she expresses the fear, she is looking to you (and not her girlfriends) for assurance. Assure her and melt away those fears!

Got some great romantic gestures to add? Please do share! We’d love to hear them!

Pamela Antoinette
This Hopeful Romantic