Facebook: We Know We “Like” It

It has become the age-old complaint from anti-social media folks (and even some who are on social media)… “I don’t care about the fact that you’re on your way to work or that your kid just lost a tooth. What’s the point? Whine, whine, whine.”

Quit lying. Yes you do! Facebook has helped us realize that we are so much more alike than we thought. It has helped validate our thoughts and actions in subtle ways that give us a little boost to know that we share even the littlest of commonalities with other people. OMG, your kid lost his tooth, too? Really? You get excited about the same TV show that excites me?! We crave validation more than we realize because we were created to be relationship-oriented beings. There is an actual boost of endorphins that occurs when our statuses are “liked” or positively commented on. If we didn’t like it so much, we wouldn’t talk about it with such conviction.

No doubt, social media has its negative points, but folks who use it negatively tend to approach everything they do in life negatively. If they talk mess face to face, they will probably will do it online, too. If they’re cowards, they’ll hide behind the computer screen and take jabs at people to feel… BIG. Unfortunately, we’ll always have those folks. But as for the rest of us who mean no harm? Those of us who just want our friends to know that we made it home safely, that we just tried a new tea that totally works, or that we bought a new pair of shoes we love- don’t underestimate the power of validation this cyber world provides. For some people, it’s all they get.

So every time I hear someone say, “Who cares that you just ate pizza or that you just left the nail shop,” I tell myself, YOU do. Because you’re on Facebook knowing full well that’s what most folks are on there sharing. If nobody cared, it wouldn’t be so unbelievably popular. Check-in buttons wouldn’t exist. There would be no phone apps. Like buttons would never be pressed. We care. You care. It’s in our nature to care. We’re more connected to each other than ever before, and while that can be just a little (or a lot) creepy, we know we like it. Quit lying and go ahead and tell us what you’re doing right now. 😊


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