What is a Hopeful Romantic?

Someone who…

  • is the opposite of bitter.
  • sees being single as a positive experience filled with opportunity, rather than a punishment.
  • knows how to follow her instincts, rather than run from her fears.
  • isn’t held down by any baggage and is able to offer her best to another.
  • knows her worth and believes that she deserves the very best there is to offer.
  • doesn’t get sucked into negative thinking like, all the good men are gone.
  • finds joy – not jealousy – in another couple’s bliss.
  • refuses to give up on love.
Are YOU a hopeful romantic? What more would you add?

4 thoughts on “What is a Hopeful Romantic?

  1. Love this post! It took a while for me to get here, but I am…especially the part about “finding joy in other couple’s bliss”. lol

    • I know… It took me a minute, too. That’s natural. It doesn’t happen right away. We have to make sure we’ve truly moved on and made peace with our past experiences before we can begin to look ahead in a healthy way. But thank God we’ve arrived!

  2. I think ‘arriving’ comes with an earnest understanding of what love is, exactly, and how you want to give and receive that love. Only after that can you honestly say that your happily single. In my opinion of course. Good Blog…its needed!

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